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Transform the relationship towards your father. In nature.

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Over the years, I’ve met men who have been inspired by my transformational journey in rebuilding my relationship with my father and helping others do the same. Many of them long for something similar but feel that their father would never be open to it or that it’s too late because their father has passed away. That’s why I designed this retreat – to create a space where you can heal and grow as a son, also without the permission, cooperation, or attendance of your father.


Duration: 5 days

Dates: Spring/ Summer 2024, TBA

Location: Nature property, Vågåmo, Norway

Cost: 1050EUR

Includes: Stay, meals, facilitators, materials

Facilitators: Manuel Sturm & Bernhard Holtrop

Group Size: Max 8 participants

Booking terms & cancellationGeneral T&C apply

Language: english (we also speak dutch, german)

A journey towards a more compassionate & nonjudgmental father-son relationship.

A process to come to a deeper understanding and healing of the complexities of the father-son dynamics we grew up with.  Nature will be our powerful companion in this. We’ll hold space for the entire range of emotions, from anger and grief to love and appreciation.

Schedule an informal 30 minute videocall to get to know us and find out if this is for you!

Why this could be important
The relationship to the father is likely amongst the ones that hold the most emotions, energy, blockages, and potential. If things are unresolved, tensed, pushed away, and build up there, they can have a big impact on your live. Sometimes we know about that, and sometimes it is not known or remains invisible. Until it suddenly causes so much trouble that we have no other choice than to address it.
Sadly, often unresolved issues with our father are things we are inclined to pass directly on to our offspring too. Without wanting it, we continue with the same or a similar pattern.
Common themes in the relationship between fathers & sons are:

  • Trying to live up to (past) expectations
  • Having masked or fake relationships
  • Being stuck in youth, in a rebellion
  • Feelings or themes of regrets, anger, frustration, injustice, experienced violence, abandoning, grief, etc.

How we will work
We will invite to follow a process that is designed so you can find peace with the past, appreciate what was, what is, and set new intentions for the future, all focused on the relationship with your father. The guiding principle of the week will be to explore ‘radically honest’.
You will not need to take any action with, communicate to, or have the approval from your father.
Elements of the process are: Sharing circles with intentional listening, guided meditations, body work exercises, solo times in nature, writing, drawing, sweat-lodge.

The course includes an intake, and one follow up zoom call.

The course location
For this course, we will meet in the Norwegian Mountains, the Fjells. These rolling mountains here have been described by other course participants as ‘soft-powerfullness’, hence providing a great setting and backdrop for this journey together.
The property offers privacy, a cold stream with waterfalls, fireplace and a group shelter.

Where you stay
Participants will get to share a simple, secluded and private nature hut with a beautiful view. It is also possible to camp outside the house. The house is surrounded by forests and small paths invite to go discover the mountainous area.

Other than having the intention to work with the father relationship, you do not need to have any prerequisites to join. Nothing will be forced on you, all is an invitation.

Duration: 5 days

Dates: Spring / Summer 2024, TBA

Location: Nature property, Vågåmo, Norway

Cost: 1050EUR

Includes: Stay, meals, facilitators, materials

Facilitators: Manuel Sturm & Bernhard Holtrop

Group Size: Max 8 participants

Booking terms & cancellationGeneral T&C apply

Language: english (we also speak dutch, german)

Retreat Itinerary:

  • Day 1


    Arrival day

  • Day 2


    Sharing & Greeting

  • Day 3



  • Day 4


    Solo Time in Nature

  • Day 5


    Integration & Intention

Retreat location & area

Meet the Inner & Outer Facilitators of this Retreat:

Bernhard Holtrop

Bernhard Holtrop

Coach, Facilitator of Change

I have 20+ years of experience in leadership programs in nature, in executive(team) coaching, and in facilitating change processes and dialogues both in organizations as well in troubled neighborhoods. It has inspired me to experience that whether I am a boardroom member, a youngster, or homeless; in nature, I discover that we all live with the same love, longings, and hurts in our hearts.

My Native American teachers have taught me the shamanic ways and ceremonies to work with it.

I am a proud father of 3 grown up children and lost my own dad when I was 5 years old. This woke up a compensating drive in me to be ‘a perfect dad’. This made fatherhood a discovery journey. With loving intentions, mistakes, reflections. And with healing, freeing dialogues with my children - up until now.

You can find more information about me at www.withnature.eu

Manuel Sturm

Manuel Sturm

Facilitator, Author ‘Dad, come walk with me’

My mission is to create a platform where people can shed their daily masks, rediscover themselves, and connect with the natural world in a authentic way.

Together with my father, I made a 3-month radical honesty hiking trip through the desert, walking over 1000km together. During this journey, we hosted workshops for other fathers and sons who wanted to dive deeper into their relationship and dynamics. You can learn more about our experiences in the book and documentary movie (hover over the profile picture above for links).

I hold a degree in Social Entrepreneurship and one in ‘Natural outdoor living, crafts & leadership’. Further I am a Non-Violent Communication trainer, have done courses in body-work therapy, spend periods alone in nature on vision fasts, and have worked as a cultural change consultant with leaders from businesses and governments.

Together with my partner and daughter I live in a small log cabin in Norway.

In doubt? Mail us in case you are hungry for more information 🙂 All questions are good questions!

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