Nomadic Wilderness Retreat

Personal-development & Responsibility
for a World in Transition - 7 day camp

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The multiple crises humanity is facing call for action. You sense that the time for change in your life has come, and you want to take responsibility for yourself and the environment. But how can you consciously shape your life in this way? In the Wilderness Retreat, you can specifically address this question. The nature in Norway invites you to take a break from everyday life. We create a space for your personal development and support you in realigning your life and finding your true place in the world.

Duration: 7 days

Dates & Language & Location
June 30 – July 6, 2024 | Tynset, 3PM (English)
August 25 – 31, 2024 | Vågå, 3PM (German)

Cost: 1275€
Includes program, organisation, food, tarps, transfers

Leadership team:
Thoralf Rumswinkel (change wild!) and Manuel Sturm 

Easy – suitable for beginners to wilderness camping.

Group size: 4-12 participants

Duration: 7 days

Dates & Language & Location
June 30 – July 6, 2024 | Tynset, 3PM (English)
August 25 – 31, 2024 | Vågå, 3PM (German)

Cost: 1275€* (for options see more info below)
Includes program, organisation, food, tarps, transfers

Leadership team:
Thoralf Rumswinkel (change wild!) and Manuel Sturm 

Easy – suitable for beginners to wilderness camping.

Group size: 4-12 participants

Discovery journey
into the (inner) wilderness
The program is inspired by Joanna Macy (Active Hope, The Work that Reconnects), John P. Milton (The Way of Nature), Bill Plotkin (The Journey of Soul Initiation), Hartmut Rosa (Resonance), Otto Scharmer (Theory U), and Jon Young (Connection First).

Life in the natural environment, guided exercises, solo times, a medicine walk, reflections alone, in pairs, and in the group support the inner process of your personal development and transformation.
In alignment with this inner journey, we roam through the trackless wilderness of Norway, moving from campsite to campsite, and on others days stay put where we are. Media, phones, and time are left behind. We carry only the essentials: sleeping bag, tarp, and simple food. We get drinking water from streams and lakes and cook over a campfire.

It is time for a change.
Are you ready for it?
What does the world truly require form you?

“Where is the place where your deepest gladness meets the world’s greatest hunger?” (inspired by a quote form Frederick Buechner)

We support you in seeking ways to meet the dual responsibility – for yourself and the world. The retreat aims to assist you in discovering the meaning in your life and growing into your true life’s purpose.

What is included:
All meals, focus on local and organic food
Programm guidance, two nature mentors
Group gear; tents, axes, cooking gear,…
Transfer from bus/ train-station
Detailed packing list
Tarps to build your sleeping site

What is included:

✓   All meals, focus on local and organic food
✓   Programm guidance, two nature mentors
✓   Tarps to build your sleeping site
✓   Group gear; tent, axes, cooking gear…
✓   Transfer from bus/ train-station
✓   Detailed packing & gear list

Program Itinerary:

  • Day 1



    Transfer / Camp Building

  • Day 2

    Camp 1

    Connecting to self and others


    Day 2

  • Day 3



    Moving through nature

  • Day 4

    Camp 2

    Guided solo time in nature


    Day 4

  • Day 5



    Hiking through the wild

  • Day 6

    Camp 3

    Conclusions, summary


    Day 6

  • Day 7



    Breaking camp, transfer

This offering is intended for adults.
Under 18 year olds can participate when accompanied by parents or a responsible adult.

The average participant on this offering is usually around 35-45 year old, the general age range is 25-65 but it is not limited to that. Usually there is a good balance between genders.

Personal development is always long-term and process-oriented. Repeated participation is therefore explicitly encouraged.

Participants collectively shape camp life, and your active involvement is required.

Would you like to:

– temporarily leave behind the daily routines and rhythms of civilisation?

– immerse yourself in wilderness living and learn practical wilderness skills?

– come close to yourself and find (more) meaning to your life?

– take responsibility for the human and more-than-human world?

The meeting point for the 7-day Wilderness Retreat is Tynset train station (July session) or the Vågåmo bus stop (August), both in Norway.

On the arrival day in the afternoon, there will be a shared (taxi) transfer from the respective meeting point in Tynset/Vågåmo to the wilderness. There, we set up the first camp.

The wilderness camp is nomadic, meaning we move several times to new camping sites.

On the departure day, we dismantle the last camp and erase our traces. In the morning, a shuttle/ taxi takes us back to the starting point in Tynset/Vågåmo.

The program’s start and end times are coordinated with the train/bus schedules to/from Tynset and Vågåmo.

Itinerary can be subject to change.

June 30 – July 6, 2024 | Tynset (English)

August 25 – 31, 2024 | Vågå (German)

Fixed Price: €1,275


Pay what feels right* (Choice Price Option)
Let’s trust that when we give, we also receive something. Therefore, we invite you to contribute what feels right to you. The amount – more or less than the fixed price – should reflect within your financial means what the course means to you and how you would like to support our work. Whatever you give, we accept as acknowledgment.

location & area

Others have gone before you. Here are their voices:

“In the community of the camp, one thing became clear to me: how important it is to allow ourselves to connect and to let ourselves be human. How much we can learn from each other for our own life paths… and unconsciously impart to others… an enrichment at the right time…”

“Thoralf and Manuel blend knowledge from leadership, nature, change management, and mind-body topics. In doing so, they create a trusting and open atmosphere, infused with humor and valuable guidance.
Learned a lot, laughed a lot! Thanks for that!”

“The facilitators, Manuel and Thoralf, have both an eye and a heart for this type of course, where the outer landscape becomes a mirror of the inner landscape and vice versa. A very healing format for these disorienting times!”

“A fantastic idea to trigger personal development by movement and hiking. The camp has given me much encouragement for what I want to continue doing and for my journey through challenging terrain. A truly inspiring exchange. Thanks for the perfection and the delicious food in the wilderness.”

Meet the program leaders / mentors:

Meet our canoe guides:

Manuel Sturm

Manuel Sturm

Manuel Sturm (CH/AT, 1989), Vågå, Norway
Dipl. Wilderness Mentor Scandinavia (Sjövik /Wiks FHS Sweden), NOLS Wilderness First Responder, Study of Social Entrepreneurship

Thoralf Rumswinkel

Thoralf Rumswinkel

Thoralf Rumswinkel (DE, 1965), Tynset, Norway
Extensive experience as a nature mentor and wilderness guide in Norway and internationally.
More information:

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