Hi, we are Wilderness Vision. We offer nature mentorship with a focus on personal and leadership skills development in the heart of Norway. Surrounded by seven national parks, we take individuals and organisations on a journey into the inner and outer wilderness.

Our clients experience that these two are connected, and that both of them become increasingly important and valued in a world of growing artificiality. Our journeys and programs inspire, provide new life energy, connect with the essential and meaningful, while following our mission: ´Be Wild, Be Real´.

“A vision to live more wild again.
We have restricted us to live tamed.
Tamed in our minds, body, expression

Wilderness Vision’s Vision is to support those who want to learn to take responsibility for themselves
their wishes,
their dreams,
their true purpose –
and let out their inner wilderness”

Manuel Sturm

Mentor in Natural Outdoor Life, Crafts & Leadership,
NOLS Wilderness First Responder

Manuel’s mission is to create a platform for passing on essential nature skills while also providing spaces where people can shed their daily masks, rediscover themselves, and connect with the natural world in a profound way.

With a background in social entrepreneurship, Manuel spent six years building his own company, “Modelminds”, in Amsterdam, where he worked as a creativity coach and radical honesty consultant with a range of businesses.

Manuel’s passion for the outdoors and traditional living led him on a transformative journey. He sailed and fished with indigenous communities in the Pacific, journeyed through the desert for three months with his father, lived in a tipi on a small Swedish island for a year and worked at a traditional natural leather tannery in Norway.
He studied traditional outdoor living, craftsmanship, and leadership of groups in nature and the wilderness in Sweden for three years. He is also a NOLS Wilderness First Responder.

Today, Manuel lives in Norway with his partner and young daughter, where he is committed to living sustainably, close to nature, and building a small farm. Manuel’s vision for Wilderness Vision is to empower individuals with the skills and mindset necessary to live harmoniously with the natural world, while fostering authentic connections with oneself, others, and the earth.

Manuel speaks German, English, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.

Marie Eckart

Mentor in Natural Outdoor Life, Crafts & Leadership
NOLS Wilderness First Responder

Marie aims to empower individuals with essential wilderness skills, while providing spaces for self-discovery and profound connections with the natural world.

Trained as a wilderness guide in a multi-year program in Sweden, Marie has lead groups on hiking, canoeing, and skiing tours through the vast and lonely forests, tundra landscapes and mountains during the past years. Her goal is to teach people the skills they need to be comfortable outside in any weather and to feel at home in and with nature. She is also a NOLS Wilderness First Responder.
She prefers to use clothing and equipment made from natural materials. She build her own canoe and wooden skies, sewed sleeping bags, tents and tarps. 
As part of her background, Marie worked as a seamstress at a small tannery in Norway, crafting outdoor clothing from leather and fur.

Marie has worked as a cook for a seminary center. She is passionate about wild foods and always loves to learn more about edible plants and medicinal plant use.

Marie has engaged in the Wanderuni project, which explores alternative methods of learning and sustainable community living. One focus was Gestalt therapy, which has provided her with valuable insights into personal growth and self-awareness.

Marie’s dedication to living harmoniously with nature is reflected in her personal life as well. She resides in Norway with her partner and their young daughter, where they are building a small farm and embracing a simple lifestyle close to nature.

Marie speaks German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Spanish.

Wilderness Vision is an invitation to learn skills that make you feel comfortable and at home in the forests and the mountains, in all weathers and conditions, in all seasons of the year.

Be wild, be real.

What are our guiding values?

Curiosity & Learning

We want all our clients to leave us having learned or tried something new. We encourage to be curious about nature and the environments we move through.

We focus on learning & development and building your individual resilience.

Appreciation & Respect

We encourage a conscious way of moving in nature when we are a guest somewhere. What do we take? How much? Can we vocalise gratitude? Do we leave no trace?

We focus on becoming one with the natural world.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity has to do with being open and expressing ourselves. It becomes especially important when we go off the beaten track & into the unknown.

We move as one organism, as one group, listening to each other.

Authenticity & Mindfulness

Do we dare to slow down, focus on being – can we let go of being always on, always connected? Can we make space for being in the moment?

We focus on authentic experiences rather than the perfect picture.

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