We have been conducting nature journeys & courses over the last few years in Norway, Sweden & Switzerland. Read what others and the media have to say about us:

Testimonials & Client Stories

“On a winter day in December, I went into the mountains with Manuel. He had prepared the trip down to the last detail and knew how to navigate the snow-covered routes well, safely guiding me to our overnight spot. It was a beautiful trip and good company!”

“In various ways, it has made a deep impression on me. Things that I was worried about turned out not to be difficult at all (like the lack of privacy and the cold), and things that were difficult I didn’t expect (like the fear I felt when I almost fell into the water). I would have loved to stay longer to get into a better rhythm that is more in harmony with nature.
An impressive and beautiful experience that I often think back to. It was confronting to see how accustomed I was to the luxury of modern times. I gained (even more) respect for nature and for the people who are able to live in harmony with it.”

“Manuel Sturm demonstrated remarkable competence in terms of his wilderness knowledge, both in content and methodology. It was evident and tangible that he not only possessed extensive and intricate knowledge but also tested, retained, discarded, or refined everything he shared with the group based on his own experiences.”

“We had a really nice family experience with Marie and Manu! We got to try out pulling our baby boy in a fjellpulka sled with skis and make a proper winter camp in the beautiful unique dry Mountain landscape around Vågåmo. We slept in their hand sewn teepee (super impressed!) and we even saw the northern lights that night as we sat around the fire. They were really experienced and professional and created a lovely easy going and also inspired atmosphere. Pointed out a lot of species and their uses and talked about traditional handicraft and how different indigenous cultures have lived in the wilderness. Really knowledgable couple. Hope we can have another trip together one day and couldnt recommend Marie and Manu more as guides!”

“The way he (manuel) interacted and introduced us to his knowledge was very inspiring!”

“Loved it! Extreme experience made special by our fab guides Marie and Manu.”

“Some magical back country skiing days in the Norwegian mountains with Manuel Incl. a hefty snowstorm visiting our tarp overnight. A good material ánd team test it was :-)”

“I have been into the European wilderness twice with Manuel. Both trips were during wintertime, amidst heavy layers of snow. They were both experiences I still cherish. One of the trips was in the Alps in a desolate valley. Manual is completely open about his considerations and knowledge, which made me feel safe all the time. He is very well prepared and makes sure all safety requirements are met. And what is also important, Manuel has great insight into interactions in his group. During meals and in the evening he creates an atmosphere in which beautiful conversations can emerge.”

“Thank you Marie & Manu – your organisation and guiding skills helped to see things differently. Complicated things got simple. Simple things became complicated. F.e. going on the toilet with 1,5m deep snow or making a fireplace that neither wind nor melting snow can kill easily. We learnt to articulate things, when tension was on. We returned safe, found peace and a way to take it back to our daily lifes.”

“Manuel has the ability to teach all his knowledge in a very humble way , this creates an excellent atmosphere to learn.”

“I received just enough knowledge to be able to learn by myself, inspiring mentoring!”

“Manu allowed us to learn by ourselves through trial and error, encouraging us not to be afraid of making mistakes and fostering self-confidence while connecting with nature. He also assisted us in uncovering our creativity.”

“Great mentoring! You listened, built confidence, and motivated us to surpass our own perceived limits. We learned a lot from you, especially when you sensed our eagerness to learn and showed us new things. I believe I could have learned even more, but even with the 14-day period, time still felt too short.”

“Magical spring canoe trip – floating through the Norwegian mountains. The absolut highlight was to see a mother and calve moose bathing on a sandbank!”

“For anyone who seeks to experience the Norwegian winter in its best authentic/traditional way this trip is for you. Manuel, Marie & Morten set an amazing group experience full of learnings and overcoming challenges but also lots of fun and lots of awesome moments with the wild north. It will be certainly a trip you won’t forget.”

“The winter course was a fantastic experience. We were taught how to stay safe and comfortable in the snow. We also learned a lot about the local nature (e.g. different types of trees) and traditional Norwegian winter activities (skiing, ice fishing). It was a challenge but we also had a lot of fun. I highly recommend the course to every outdoor fan who does not want to be limited to summer months.”

“The winter course meant to me embracing a potentially uncomfortable challenge and learning how to enjoy living outside in winter.”

“From Marie, Morten and Manuel I learned how to stay, feel and travel safe in a winter terrain/ sourrounding. I am very grateful for the knowledge they gave to me. They lead the group well and were always aware of the participants. I really enjoyed the time spent in Norway in winter.”

“Keep going! The work you do is incredibly valuable. You provide people with precious (self) experiences and show them how beautiful, wild, and fulfilling life can be outdoors.”

“Thank you very much, Marie and Manuel, for an amazing canoe tour on the Finna River, a lively mountain river located in the midst of an impressive glacially formed trough valley in the Norwegian fjell. We thoroughly enjoyed both the exiting rapids and the relaxed picnic by the riverbank with you!”

“Everyday is different. Walking on trails and finding new paths through swampy land, rocky areas and light birch-land: What a lonesome and gorgeous landscape!
What a correspondence to inner journeys…
Thanks a lot!”

“Fjell. Hiking between contradictions. Rough rocks emerging grey and lichen-overgrown, soft moss beds between countless little creeks. Pine forests, heath landscape and light birch groves, the mirror of the lakes…
Above the endless Norwegian sky that never becomes really dark.
The gentle wildness scenery quiets down, lets you breath…in addition the handsome crafting. The everyday life is left behind. Thanks a lot!”

“It was an intense and wild but at the same time educational and inspiring experience. I am very grateful for this fantastic trip that Manuel has put together and hope that more adventurous visitors get to enjoy it in the future.”

“For me, the main characteristics of the trip were learning, organic, delicious food and deceleration. Manuel taught us how to find firewood in a wet environment. Even though our surroundings were soaking wet, we were able to start a fire using fire steel. For dinner, we steamed a trout using junipers on this very fire. We definitely enjoyed our time in the wilderness together and are looking forward for another time!”

“A fantastic idea to trigger personal development by movement and hiking. The camp has given me much encouragement for what I want to continue doing and for my journey through challenging terrain. A truly inspiring exchange. Thanks for the perfection and the delicious food in the wilderness.”

“Thoralf and Manuel blend knowledge from leadership, nature, change management, and mind-body topics. In doing so, they create a trusting and open atmosphere without esotericism, infused with humor and valuable guidance. Learned a lot, laughed a lot! Thanks for that!”

“The facilitators, Manuel and Thoralf, have both an eye and a heart for this type of course, where the outer landscape becomes a mirror of the inner landscape and vice versa. A very healing format for these disorienting times!”

“In the community of the camp, one thing became clear to me: how important it is to allow ourselves to connect and to let ourselves be human. How much we can learn from each other for our own life paths… and unconsciously impart to others… an enrichment at the right time…”

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